3 Reasons to use BLURB for your Architectural Portfolio

Good Morning All,

Today, I want to discuss my 3 reasons why YOU should use Blurb’s online platform to print out your architectural portfolio. As some of you may know, Blurb is an online website that creates physical copies of your portfolio. Why is this so great? And why should care? Are probably what you’re asking at the moment? Let me tell you why in my reasons below.


The great thing about these books is the fact that it provides a great appeal to your portfolio for your potential employer during the interview phase. It tells the employer right away that you are serious about that job, enough to go this far for your portfolio. Not to say that this should compensate the quality of the inside of your portfolio. This is just meant to be a “hook”.


The next thing to know with Blurb is the fact that you can customize the size, paper and covers of your printed portfolio, they have Photo books, Trade books, magazines and even Ebooks. Their sizes varies, For examples (10”x10”, 7”x7”, or 8”x10”). These are just a small list of their formats. Next would be the quality of paper used for the book, you have your choices of matte, Lustre and standard. I’m recommend matte due to the fact that it produces a non-glare photo (Which is great for your renders). Finally, you have the option to print your cover as a softcover, dust jacket or hardcover. I’m a big fan of the softcover due to its low cost and more flexible quality, this is a great thing when you’re planning to print out several versions of your portfolio.


Finally, Blurb also provides the right tools (programs) you need to start using their services. A few examples are Adobe In-Design Plug-in, BookWright, and Adobe Lightroom. Or if you have your portfolio as a PDf already, Blurb has PDF to Book format. Just upload to the correct size, select your paper and cover than print.


In my personal experience, Blurb is a great asset to have when developing your print outs for your architectural portfolios.

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