Who am I?

This is our first blog and we plan to explain everything you need to know about us, who we're writing too and why.

Drafting at its core

Who am I?

I am Henry M Silva Rojas , a Technologist, Designer and Business man and after years in the architectural field, I started my own company "Rojas Empire of Design".

Why am I Blogging?

After spending time learning from experienced architects in the field from residential to commercial. I realize that it was a struggle for me. I was not a fast learner nor the greatest creative thinker but I was determined to learn, understand and appreciate the field of architecture. I now feel the need to share what I've learned, experienced and wished I knew before.

What am I going to be Blogging about?

I plan to blog about many topics, topics that I strongly believe everyone in this field should know such as Architectural detailing, Books to read, handy drafting tools and much more.

Who are You?

I am writing to all those who are first diving into the world of architecture. From students, to recent grads to even the experienced.

My key advise "It only gets Harder, but it'll be worth it".

Get Involved!

While I have years of experience in this field, I am always looking to gain more knowledge. That's why I encourage my readers to comment on any questions or suggestions that they might have in architecture and I will be more than happy to provide my feedback.


My goal is to provide weekly info every Saturday Mornings. Stay tune for more content.

Lastly, be sure to sign up below to provide your comments!


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